Aabha Joshi

Aabha channeling her inner Katy Perry.

Aabha channeling her inner Katy Perry.

Rutgers Business School
Class of 2021

Hometown: Edison, NJ

Major: Business Analytics and Information Technology, Finance

Minor: Political Science

C-Team Captain (2018-19)

President (2019-20)

Don’t let her bubbliness deceive you, this girl is vicious in the courtroom. Proud C-Team captain and defense closer. Look up “tough love” in Webster’s Dictionary and you’ll find Aabha’s headshot. Known to flip her hair and move her hands in excited circles when trying to make a point. Is professional and composed in court, but will collapse in tears if she sees a dog. Also, she sings! Catch her at the next Mock karaoke night belting Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Mockappella anyone?

I really want to name my dog Wheelchair!
— Aabha, thinking inanimate objects are great names for dogs