Aabha Joshi

 Aabha channeling her inner Katy Perry. 

Aabha channeling her inner Katy Perry. 

Rutgers Business School
Class of 2021

Hometown: Edison, NJ

Major: Business Analytics and Information Technology

Bubbly witness and an even bubblier person. Performs an award-winning portrayal of a sorority girl Uber driver, but none of us know if she can actually drive. Known to flip her hair and move her hands in excited circles when trying to make a point. Plays a professional and composed expert in court, but will collapse in tears if she sees a dog. Also, she sings! Catch her at the next Mock karaoke night belting Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Mockappella anyone?

I’ve always wanted to experience fainting. It’s completely normal I swear!
— Aabha, defending a view that is very much not normal.