Aasha Shaik

Pictured: Accomplished public speaker, respected diplomat, women's rights activist, overall inspiration to America and the world.
Also Joe Biden.

School of Arts and Sciences
Class of 2020

Hometown: Plainsboro, NJ

Major: Political Science, Business Analytics & Information Technology
Minor: International and Global Studies (Middle East)

All-American Witness Award (2017)

C-Team Captain (2017-18)

Proud 2017-18 C-Team Captain. Competed at Nationals in 2017, where she earned an All-American Witness Award. Fellow at Microsoft, intern at the U.N., published journalist-- it's only a matter of time till she cures cancer. Even though she puts all of our community and public service to shame, she always plays the role of the dirtbag witness (RUMTA runs on irony). She does quite well, even given the circumstances. Extremely troubled by the way lobsters are cooked (they're boiled alive). Vegan, but we forgive her for that. 

*crying* Do you want a Cliff bar?
— Aasha Shaik, always.