Alyssa DiSturco

Class of 2010

Morris County Assistant Prosecutor

Major: Philosophy, Psychology
Minor: Political Science

Founder of RUMTA
President (2005-08)
A-Team Captain (2009-10)


Aside from being the founder and first ever president of RUMTA, Alyssa has held a variety of positions on the team. These include the prosecution closer, defense closer, expert forensic psychologist, and defendant Jackie Owens. 

After graduating from Rutgers, Alyssa held a position at Quinn, Emmanuel, Urquhart, & Sullivan, one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the country. She then attended law school at Seton Hall University and graduated in 2014. Today, Alyssa is an Assistant Prosecutor at the Morris County Prosecutor's Office. 

First and foremost, I can walk into a courtroom knowing what to do, and that’s half the battle. Second is having confidence in yourself which is certainly instilled by this program, by Craig in particular, which engenders a real world sense of how to try a case. I couldn’t imagine benefiting more from anything else.
— Alyssa DiSturco