Emily O'Leary

A fine piece of artwork.

School of Arts and Sciences
Class of 2019

Hometown: Massapequa, NY

Majors: Political Science, Criminal Justice
Minor: Sociology

Public Relations Officer (2016-17)
B-Team Captain (2016-17)
VP of External Relations (2018-19)

Former B-Team Captain. Exceptional A-Team witness. A Creator of the well-known pop-art series A Meal With a View, frequently starring Christine Botvinnik. Particularly skilled in the area of Facebook stalking. Has an evil twin, who could be impersonating her right now (we're onto you, Julia). Studying abroad in London so she can "see the world" and "expand her horizons." We suppose we can forgive her for that. 

“____ with a view.”
— Emily's Snap Story