Gillian Eigo

Class of 2013

Majors: Economics, Planning & Public Policy

B-Team Co-Captain (2012-13)

C-Team Captain (2011-12)

Gillian was a competitive member of the RUMTA family for three years, during all of which is played an attorney, and two of the three years was a witness. During her junior year, Gillian was the Captain of the C Team, and went on to become the Co-Captain of the B Team with Dave Zatorski. Gillian says that being captain was one of the most rewarding and enlightening experiences in her time with RUMTA because she was able to help the future of the team and watch a lot of the younger members on her team develop. 

Gillian has interned for two non-profit organizations: Advocates for Justice and the Human Rights Project. 
She is currently finishing her thesis to earn a Masters in Applied Mathematics from the University of Nottingham in the UK. She is considering working in business or policy, possibly in consulting once she completes her degree this September.

RUMTA has given me presentation experience in a formal setting and critical analysis and writing skills that have put me ahead of my peers in graduate school and will help me to not only meet but to exceed the expectations of potential employers.
— Gillian Eigo