Karan Malhotra

 Probably smiling at a baby picture of Humayoon.

Probably smiling at a baby picture of Humayoon.

Rutgers Business School
Class of 2021

Major: Finance, Economics

Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ

B-Team prosecution closer and absolute Sass Masterâ„¢ in court, much to the chagrin of his captain. Always smiling and making jokes. His favorite pastime is passing around old pictures of Humayoon or playing recordings of Humayoon's excellent Drake covers. Has a fire High School Musical/Disney playlist.  Notorious triple/quadruple/quintuple texter, and as a result is the member most often removed from the team GroupMe. Lover of hugs and giving said hugs to A-Team guys; he is unfazed by their lack of reciprocity. 

When life gives you lemons, make a motion in limine!
— A rare golden joke from Karan.