Michael Nanchanatt

"Mike" or "Nanch"

Majestic Mike looks on to his next adversary.

Majestic Mike looks on to his next adversary.

Rutgers Business School
Class of 2019

Hometown: Chester, NJ

Major: Finance, Philosophy
Minor: Religion

Tournament Director (2017-18)
A-Team Captain (2016-18) 

RUMTA's A-Team captain for two consecutive years. Led the A-Team to Nationals in Los Angeles in 2017, making him the first RUMTA captain to earn a bid to the National Championship Tournament. Known for his creative use of formatting on most emails and his excellent use of quotations. Do not even think about damaging the evidence box in his presence, unless you have a desire to feel the wrath of the mock trial gods. Extremely well-read and remarkably intelligent. Instrumental in hosting RUMTA's first-ever tournament: the Scarlet Knight Mock Trial Invitational. Dreams of going on a majestic journey among nature's wildest of animals. Good luck with that, Nanch. 

So what if we “lost” their “tournament?”
— Michael Nanchanatt