Michael Luckhowec

"Mike L"

Great taste in watches, questionable choice of tie.

Great taste in watches, questionable choice of tie.

Rutgers Business School
Class of 2021

Major: Finance, Political Science

Hometown: Brick, NJ

C-Team defense opener and RUMTA's very own overgrown 13 year-old. Despite being one of three Mikes on the team, Mike L has the distinction of being the only one to eat sugar by the spoonful while sitting in a very public diner. Actual human sinnamon roll. In trial he's cool and articulate; out of court his vocabulary is mainly comprised of "GIRRRL" and ironic dabs. Graciously admits C-Team into the Honors College for every captains practice and known to suddenly turn into a middle-aged country bumpkin when saying the world "July." From Brick, which hilariously borders a town named Wall.  

Guys, I think a strong southern accent would be perfect for this witness.
— Mike, playing to his strengths.