Zachary Newman


Zach with one of his many many animals.

Zach with one of his many many animals.

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Class of 2021

Major: Animal Studies
Minor: Genetics

Hometown: Jackson, NJ

C-Team prosecution attorney and the boujiest member of the team (definitely not the baddest). Refuses to stay at hotels less than four stars, and won't let you forget it. Master of punny Instagram captions and breeder of adorable, award-winning bunnies. Zach is always down to go to Henry's Diner with you, although he prefers dinner at the Hillel Center. Seems to have a friend in every fraternity at Rutgers, but who needs to rush another cult when you've already got Mock Trial??


That’s realllll cute
— Zach whenever he is slightly inconvenienced